Sweet Old Religion - CD

Sweet Old Religion - CD

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Produced by Marc Jenkins
Engineered & Mixed by John Raham
Mastered for digital and vinyl by Dan Weston

Juno Award 2019 - Traditional Roots Album of the Year
Canadian Folk Music Award 2018 - Traditional Singer of the Year
Canadian Folk Music Award 2018 - Vocal Ensemble of the Year
Western Canadian Music Award 2018 Nominee - Album, Songwriter, and Roots/Folk Group of the Year
Independent Music Awards 2019 - Americana Album of the Year

Released: 2018

1. Sweet Old Religion 03:48
2. Stitch In Time 03:51
3. Salt and Powder 03:27
4. Old World Style 03:06
5. Age Old Dream 03:27
6. The Salesman 04:31
7. You Are a Shining Light 05:02
8. You Are the Best Thing 03:12
9. Leave the Garden Gate Open 04:14
10. Come On Love 03:43
11. Babes, Mothers and Fathers 03:35

Having been together for a decade, making music together, working together, and parenting together, the Romeros are at their strongest and most free on Sweet Old Religion. In keeping with their handcrafted and homemade family business disposition, Pharis and Jason sought to make as much of the album live in their home as possible. Turning one side of their reconstructed instrument shop into a studio, they recorded with engineer John Raham and producer Marc Jenkins. The album also features Patrick Metzger on bass, John Reischman on mandolin, Josh Rabie on fiddle, and Raham and Jenkins joining them on drums and pedal steel. Musically, Sweet Old Religion carries a wide spread of influences, spanning from early 1920s jazz, blues, and country  to 1960s songwriters like Levon Helm and The Band. The album also features songs inspired by their deep love of old music and rural life, with archaic banjo tunings where Jason moves between several of his own handmade instruments to bring out unique tones for each song. 

After 2016's sabbatical from touring and recording, Pharis & Jason Romero are back on the road, with a new workshop, a mostly finished house, and two kids running across the fields. The songs on Sweet Old Religion sparkle like stars. Together they form a constellation that tells an ancient and archetypal story visible to anyone who looks up at the sky on a summer night. And to all those who listen it whispers down below: “Slow down, dig deep, and love your neighbor.”