Sweet Old Religion: 10 best Roots albums of 2018 (so far) – No Depression


SWEET OLD RELIGION is one of No Depression’s 10 Best Roots music records of 2018 (so far), according to a poll of ND staffers and regular album reviewers.

What pours out on Sweet Old Religion isn’t anger or sadness or exhaustion, though surely the duo experienced all of that and more in the last few years: They welcomed their second child, tore down and built a new house, and watched their work on custom banjos go crashing off course when a fire burned down the workshop. What pervades this record is gratitude. Joy. Celebration. And appreciation for the stuff in life that isn’t stuff at all. Where previous Romero records have been a mix of standout originals and obscure folk gems dug out from past eras, Sweet Old Religion’s 11 songs are all penned by the Romeros, though even these new tunes are tinged with tones from long ago.
— Stacy Chandler
Pharis RomeroComment